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Instagram Strategy Primer > Is it Time to Get Insta-Savvy?

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A hot topic recently has been how to implement high quality video content on Instagram. With the advent of IGtv, most of the questions I am getting are the same as they have always been, is it worth it?

"Worth it" is very subjective, so let's take a look at it together and you can decide!

I have so many questions you can ask yourself to determine if now is the time for you to invest your time in getting video-savvy across the Insta Communication Platform.

Let's back up a minute from IGtv to explore yoiur broader view of your overall Instagram Channel Strategy. Here are a few starter questions to check where you are at in your Insta-savviness (ok- not a word- I know ;) )

A Few Questions to get You Started...


Is Instagram your Anchor Social Account?

Meaning, is Insta the place you start your social conversation?

And, do you already have a visually interesting, engaging Insta-presence?

Do you flow your Insta Conversation to your Facebook and Twitter channels?

How comfortable are you with the Stories feature?

And the most simple of all...

Have you gone Portrait yet?

If these seem like deep end of the pool questions, perhaps beginning with Instagram Channel Design is where you can begin now.

Here's an overview of the Channel Design Guide that I review to start with strategy and ensure we are authoring the right content to support the social conversation that delivers on the business and marketing goals this channel is meant to deliver in the marketing mix.

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As you can see in the training guide glimpse above, you will want to start thinking in Portrait Design format versus Landscape. No matter what social channel you are communicating with your community on, they are living on their mobile device in a portrait format most of their day.

There are so many great app tools available for you to get started or to the next level. Most are available on both iOS and Android Platforms.

Here's a Insta-Tool List to Support and Poodle-up* your Insta-Game

Instagram Channel + Conversation Design Apps image Social Wendy Meadley

IGtv (Instagram App) > Long form Video- what's different > it's built for how you actually use your phone and not limited to one minute, of course you can DM them to your friends

Hyperlapse (Instagram App) > Time Lapse Videos within IG world

Boomerang (Instagram App) > Insta's GIF-like maker, think cheers-ing glasses, or the hokey-pokey (left hand in, left hand out...)

Layout (Instagram App) > When you can't design on one image to display first, think moodboard or collage

Later > Reminder-version Scheduler and Planner (can only be reminder based on Instagram's permissions)

Over > IG Stories Design App- if you are ready to spend time designing your stories to look like a pro this app provides project folders and templates to die for, also can be shared by teams

Repost+ > this version, partially because its free, but Reposting gets you added engagement and love from the community (make new friends)

InShot > Another Design App with great templates for Video, Photo and Collages

Mojo > Promotional Design Template App- great for eCommerce and Pinterest

Peachy > Think of this as Insta-Plastic Surgery- most authentics won't like this one ;)

*Get it Fancy

As you can see the considerations aren't just the dollars and sense. They include creative design, talent, technology, production and editing skills and more. And maybe a little "hip factor"!

Want to have a conversation or learn more?

Just let me know!


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