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It's just spring in Minnesota signaling the bloom of a new season full of exciting food and events that leads through summer into fall. Before all that happens, let's take the time to enjoy the here and now with the beginning of the next phase of development of the Minnesota Food Community & Guide.

Beginning as a convened volunteer effort in preparation for the big game coming to Minnesota in February (earlier this year)... Minnesota's Food and Beverage Community rallied around telling its own story as the world was watching and joining us for Bold North festivities.

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Fast forward and we are now entering April with a renewed focus on telling our story with the popularity of our inaugural Minnesota Food Guide behind us. So, what's next is the daily question as I am out and about enjoying local culinary talent and their dishes. Wait no longer for the answer as you can now experience what is next on our social conversation channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Beginning this week, local foodie go-to Madison Bessinger will be curating the Minnesota Food social channels for the next 3 months (or maybe more...). We are looking forward to her sharing her venue and cuisine expertise, her clever writing and a few of her foodie friends who will keep all of our fingers on the pulse of the latest and greatest our Twin Cities Food and Beverage Landscape has to offer.

You may already know her as Madison in Minneapolis, aka @MadisoninMpls on Instagram.

So stay tuned for continually new content that further explores the features in the Minnesota Food Guide and for all the fun B roll we collected throughout the campaign... you were wondering where that went weren't you!

We are also adding new venues, neighborhoods, restaurants, culinary and beverage talent and more. Perhaps it is worth your while to stay connected, contribute to and engage with the Minnesota Food Community.

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