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WENDY meadley

Global Innovation Leader
> Marketing + Communications Strategist

Marketing, Public Relations, Communications Strategy

Social media strategies, models, interactive programs, training guides, and operational plans are common projects. I help my clients define, build, partner, support, operationalize, document, measure, and report in the areas of web, mobile, social, and interactive. Ultimately, I strive to create a consistent, relevant customer experience that your target consumers expect and will continue to work long beyond my time with you and your team.


Credentialed Executive-level Leader

Every day I use my Executive MBA and Project Management Certification as I develop strategic business programs, communication channels, marketing plans, team development and innovation strategy with my clients and their stakeholders. With 15+ year professional consulting practice supporting a variety of organizations, thought leaders and nonprofits, I have refined my expertise in leading marketing, communications and creative teams focused on full-funnel performance marketing initiatives to reach from the top of the organization to the front lines with prospective consumers.


Creative Direction + Project Leadership

Large and lengthy scope projects require process rigor. I am a certified project manager and seasoned creative director of hundreds of marketing, communications and innovation strategy projects. As the lead of my own boutique consultancy, the buck stops with me on the superior delivery of client goals and objectives. The length of my client relationships demonstrate the strong relationships built and superior creative and project work delivered.


Video + Photo Production Credentials

With my undergrad degree in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Production, I produce and direct the unique and frequently confidential content that I or my colleagues capture. Because I am both an internal and external communications expert, I am keenly aware of the sensitive nature, approval process, and communication gates of a wide range of communications project types, especially when dealing with pre-commercialization and innovation.


Collaborative Builder

Linking arms with  leaders and teams, and becoming part of the leadership of the working team is my most common type of consulting engagement. Today, corporations have deep expertise on their businesses and are looking to provide their internal experts with the latest skills and knowledge to continue to promote and innovate them. I value and recognizes the internal expertise of the team and is familiar with corporate culture having come up through corporate leadership roles at Target and Deluxe Corporations. And, have successfully developed cross-functional relationship networks at both 3M and Microsoft.


Practitioner + Thought Leader

Harnessing an industry or topic to own the digital thought leadership, and leading market position is my specialty.  Industries I specialize in are: health care; food, cuisine, culinary; higer education, technology, and transportation  infrastructure. My expertise is frequently recognized by industry agencies and executives who hire me ‘behind the scenes’ to train their teams on the latest digital channels and trends. I was even dubbed “Social Wendy” moniker by a leading tech industry blogger for my social/digital influencer status.


Global Business Consultancy

I work with entrepreneurs, retail and consumer brands, and Fortune 500 enterprises to build measurable and sustainable business outcomes for B2B and B2C initiatives with public relations related communications, marketing and innovation strategy and project work.


Minnesota Food Community

The Minnesota Food Guide is the ultimate culinary roadmap for visiting media and foodies. This truly collaborative effort was undertaken by Super Bowl 52 Cuisine Committee, co-chaired by Andrew Zimmern and Wendy Meadley. A food-related project of this magnitude has never been undertaken adjacent to a major national sporting effort, yet it’s the type of civic-minded effort you would expect from Minnesota. The cherry on top is the long-term value created. Even after the Big Game, when the hype and national attention leaves town, the Minnesota Food Guide, the social media footprint and the camaraderie created within the food industry will live on. 

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My Expertise

Goal-aligned Strategic Marketing

Global Communications Planning

Training + Team Building

Media + Public Relations

Web + Social Search Optimization  

Digital Brand Extension + Campaigns

MarComm Operations + Technology

Measurement Frameworks + Metrics

Innovation + Go To Market Communications

Content Production

The percentages represent the amount of client projects that include these skill contributions. 


My Proprietary Models > The Social Frontier

Originally published on Amazon in 2014, The Social Frontier is the term coined by Wendy Meadley (aka @SocialWendy) in 2009 to identify the state of ongoing change in social and digital marketing reflected as a continually new frontier. The Social Frontier framework and proprietary models comprise a comprehensive strategic approach to converting today’s digital consumer behavior to engage with your business or brand.

The Social Frontier curriculum is designed for experienced marketing & communications professionals (including advertising and public relations firms) looking to translate their current expertise in the 9 core social media channels.

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